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A+dvancerTM Research Studies

The published and independently reviewed scientifically-based research studies investigating the efficacy and implementation characteristics of A+dvancerTM.

2011 - Improved Outcomes with Computer-Assisted Instruction in Mathematics and English Language Skills for Hispanic Students in Need of Remedial Education at Miami Dade College, Florida

2010 - A+dvancer College Readiness Online Software and Remedial Education for Math

2009 - Replication of Improved ACCUPLACER® Outcomes for College Freshmen using Computer-aided Instruction

2008 - A+dvancer College Readiness OnlineTM Improves ACCUPLACER® Scores of Miami Dade
College Freshmen

2008 - A+dvancer Improves ACCUPLACER® Math Scores of College-Bound High School Students

2005 - Pilot Study of Intervention Efficacy



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